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Review: WordPress 1.5

Support & Community

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Another important factor when choosing a PHP script is the support and the community. In case there does go something wrong, you'd want a place where you can get support, and get it fast. Because of WordPress' huge popularity, this is no problem.

There are the main WordPress Support Forums at, where you can ask general questions, get technical support and more. You can also give feedback and request. In addition to these forums, WordPress also has a Community Wiki at This wiki, called Codex, is the place for WP users, plugin creators and developers.

The Codex contains everything about WordPress, from helpful information about certain functions to plugin lists to WP API's. At the moment, the Codex isn't near completion, and quite a few things are still missing. But because it's a Wiki, anyone can add new articles, and new information is being added daily. Read more about The Codex at

Finally, WordPress also has a bug tracker available at called Mosquito (WordPress sure loves codenames). Anyone can freely register and submit bugs. All the WordPress developers regularly check the bug tracker, and fix each and every bug. Your bug will be checked within hours, and be dealt with appropriately. If you think you've found a bug in WP, don't hesitate to report it!

Another thing that also might be worth mentioning is the fact that a WordPress Inc is being formed, to support Enterprise customers.

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Script Details
Cost: Free
Version: 1.5
Homepage: Visit
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