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PHPit now running on WordPress

I've ditched my old, custom written, Content Management Tool for PHPit, and decided to use WordPress. It's excellent for what PHPit needs, and it even supports multi-paged entries (this is necessary for the articles on PHPit, which are multiple pages).

It wasn't easy, and I had to hack it quite a lot, but the cool thing is that I've never actually touched the code of WordPress. I was able to use strictly plugins and templates to change it to my liking. This is really amazing, and shows how powerful WordPress is.

Anyway, with the update also comes a few new features. First of all, PHPit now has an integrated blog, where I will post stuff about PHP (news, information, tips, security alerts, etc) every couple days. Secondly, it's now possible to comment on all the content. If you want to say something about a specific article or code snippet, you are now able to. Just leave your comment, and I'm very happy with every comment I receive.

Thirdly, PHPit is now running a bit smoother as well. WordPress just gives it a better feel, I think. It feels good.

I'm thinking about wrapping up the update experience in a new article, giving tips on WordPress and what things you should watch out for. Also expect a new article to be added tomorrow.

If you come across any bugs or problems, feel free to contact me and I will fix it. Thanks!

4 Responses to “PHPit now running on WordPress”

  1. Sam Stevens Says:

    Looks great, Dennis! WordPress does just feel right, doesn’t it? I’m finding that it’s often far more suitable to client projects as a CMS than the “true” CMS packages out there: Mambo, Drupal, Typo3… Most of the time, those packages are just too overblown.

  2. Matthijs Says:

    Looks great indeed. I’ve also been using wp for a couple of projects now, from a simple weblog to a large site, and I am probably just as impressed by the power, flexibility and ease of use as you are. Indeed, hacking at the core files of an application is not what you want to do. In the long run, when it’s time to upgrade or extend an application (and with security updates etc that happens often), you will run into problems with things when you have changed those files. But with wp from version 1.5, everything is neatly seperated. Mess around with themes and plugins as much as you want, and leave the rest to the WP-programmers and community (which off course you are a part of ).
    Good luck, Matthijs

  3. Jeff Moore Says:

    It seems WordPress is everywhere now. SitePoint is using it too. I like it fairly well and every version seems to get better with cleaner code as well as new features. My biggest complaint by far is that there is not a true preview for comments or posts (Preview without saving). I also wish it were better at creating canonical URLs.

  4. Dennis Pallett Says:

    Yeah, WordPress is getting really popular lately, but what else can you expect from such a great piece of software.

    I’ve also noticed the lack of preview. It’s useful in some cases, especially when I’m adding a new article, but in most cases I don’t need a preview thing anyway.

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