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Now THIS is some rapid development

I'm creating a new script for myself (a simple CMS for a new website), and I'm going extremely fast. It's just so much easier to develop something when you've got all kinds of tools at your disposal.

I'm of course using my PHP components which really speed things up. Creating forms and doing validation is just so easy now! I think that's really my best PHP:Component. I'm going write an introduction article later this week to introduce it to more people, 'cause I feel like more developers should use it. It's just so useful.

I'm really doing some fast development now. It may not be up to scratch when it comes to best coding standards (and the OOP purists will puke when they see my code), but it's working, and I'm going fast.

The thing is, I want to release, and do it as fast as possible. Personal projects don't have to be perfect; after all, the visitors won't see the code anyway. They want to see something working. And that's what I'm creating. A working script, in as little as time as possible.

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