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Yet another framework: Symfony

The Farm mentions a new PHP framework: Symfony, which is described as the Ruby on Rails for PHP. I haven't actually played with it myself, but I did have a quick look at the ten minutes screencast and a ajax tutorial.

It seems fairly simple to me, although it's a shame that it needs to be installed on your server. That'll stop most people, including me, from actually being to use it on a production website. I'm on shared hosting, so I won't be able to install the framework. The same thing goes for Ruby on Rails.

It does boast a very extensive list of features, including:

  • simple templating and helpers
  • cache management
  • multiple environments support
  • deployment management
  • scaffolding
  • smart URLs
  • multilingual and I18N support
  • object model and MVC separation
  • Ajax support

which makes it even more of a shame that I can't run it on my web host. Check out the live demo as well, where you can use an app created with Symfony. Seems pretty neat, doesn't it?

3 Responses to “Yet another framework: Symfony”

  1. Amit Gupta Says:

    well, the thing with Ruby on Rails is that its one standard package & all of the Ruby hosts have it installed. However, Symfony is not as synonymous to PHP development as is Rails to Ruby. Besides, Symfony requires PHP5 which still not a lot of hosts offer!!

  2. Francois Zaninotto Says:


    I’m one of the guys working on symfony. You can totally use it in a shared server without needing the command line: checkout the installation chapter of the documentation (, the ‘installing symfony without a command line’ section.

    We did it a couple of times, it works fine. So the only thing you need is a host providing PHP5, which more and more providers offer.

  3. Sid Bachtiar Says:

    Yes, Francois is right saying that more and more providers offer PHP5. I’m working on a new project, so I’ve been looking for PHP5 hosting, so I know that there are more and more of them.

    I just been learning Symfony for less than a week and I can say that it is very easy to learn and has very good documentations. I love the code/skeleton generator, Propel integration (which mean I can use visual ER diagraming tool like DBDesigner), easy installation (yes, it’s very easy!).

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