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Use PHP to create Windows Apps

Just came across WinBinder, via The Farm. What exactly is WinBinder? The ability to create native Windows applications, using PHP. Yeah, you heard me correctly, you can use PHP to create programs. How cool is that?

I haven't really played with it myself, and only browsed through the examples, but it seems you can create pretty much any type of windows application, using PHP. I might just create a 'PHP Notepad', just for the heck of it. Or create a PHP editor, with PHP, heh.

Surprisingly, the code seems rather simple as well. To create a window, all you need is:

include "../include/winbinder.php";
wb_create_window(NULL, PopupWindow, "Hello world!", 480, 320);

That's all! In C++ you'd need more than that (though it does resemble the above somewhat).

Have a look at the examples for some more serious applications, and try it yourself!

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  1. Scott Mattocks Says:

    You might want to check out PHP-GTK ( It allows you to build cross platform GUI applications in PHP.

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