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Ajax PHP function lookup

Found this nifty utility through phpFunctions.

This is a simple Ajax script which works just like Google Suggest, except it looks up PHP functions. Type the first part of a function, and it will automatically find the functions that match, and when you've found the function you're looking for, it'll automatically display all the details (like arguments, description, etc).

Seems like a pretty cool use of Ajax, but I doubt I'll be using it a lot (or even at all). I find going to[function name] a lot easier and faster. It'd be pretty neat though if this could be built into some web based PHP IDE.

4 Responses to “Ajax PHP function lookup”

  1. James Says:

    Didn’t try and implement something similar to this a while back… i remember seeing it but then it dissapeared?!?

  2. reZo Says:

    I tend to use the CHM package from for my PHP function refference file. I have the one which comes with user comments, and more. It’s really great.

  3. Peter Says:

    It’s still there if you go directly to the search page:

  4. Rutger Says:

    Also be sure to check which contains not only a PHP reference, but also Mysql, HTML and some other.

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