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Screen scraping your way into RSS

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In this tutorial I have shown you how to create a RSS feed from a website that does not have a RSS feed themselves yet. Though the regular expression is different for each website, the principle is exactly the same.

One thing I should mention is that you shouldn�t immediately screen scrape a website�s content. E-mail them first about a RSS feed. Who knows, they might set one up themselves, and that would be even better.

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4 Responses to “Screen scraping your way into RSS”

  1. What the? Says:

    When trying to view the code:

    Security Alert! Breach has been logged for review (IP Address:

  2. Robert M Says:

    I’m getting the same in Firefox.

    Security Alert! Breach has been logged for review (IP Address:

  3. Jim M Says:

    Viewing the code in Internet Explorer 6 works fine. Thanks for posting this example! :)

  4. rigorouslogik Says:

    The code works great!
    How could I scrape just meta data or links ect into a text file?
    Thanks for any input.

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