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PHP:Form Series, Part 1: Validators & Client-side Validation

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PHP:Form also automatically generates client-side validation (JavaScript) when using validators. It natively supports the required, numeric and regex validators, but it doesn't (fully) support the callback validator. This isn't really possible either, because the callback validator points to a function on the server-side. But if you create a JavaScript function with the same name as the callback function, it will work, and it will run the JavaScript function you created. This gives you great power, and means you can even using advanced JavaScript functions and Ajax to validate data.

If you would like to see the client-side validation in action, have a look at demo 2 again, and make sure you have JavaScript enabled. You will probably notice how fast the errors are returned, and that no refresh happens at all. That's the client-side validation.


In this first part of the PHP:Form series I have shown you what PHP:Form is: an extremely neat PHP form component, that is really useful for building web forms. I have been using it myself now for a few months, and I still can't get over how great it is. It has really simplified things, and I can focus on the important stuff. If you're still in doubt, have a look at the PHP:Form product page for more information and demo's.

I have also shown you exactly what validators are, and the different types. Validators are the most important part of PHP:Form, and you will probably use them in every form. You can some really interesting things with them, and when you combine a few validators it's possible to create a extremely secure form.

In the next part I will have a look at "form types", the form templates of PHP:Form. I will also have a look at setting default values, using the set_value() method of PHP:Form.

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Visit the PHP:Form product page

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