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PHP and Cookies; a good mix!

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One feature of cookies that is often missed in articles is the ability to story arrays. Cookies can be used to store multi-dimensional arrays, which can be extremely useful to store data.

Consider the following code;

setcookie ("name[first]", "Dennis", time() + (60*60*24));
setcookie ("name[last]", "Pallett", time() + (60*60*24));

You can then display these two cookies using the following code:

echo "First Name: " . $_COOKIE['name']['first'];
echo "Last Name: " . $_COOKIE['name']['last'];

The cookie 'name' is an array, and has multiple values. You can even go deeper and have multi-dimensional arrays, e.g. $_COOKIE['name']['test']['something']['value']. You could store whole arrays of data in cookies. But beware that you don't store too much data, there are certain size limits to cookies.

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One Response to “PHP and Cookies; a good mix!”

  1. Herojit Says:

    This site is very helpful to me.
    I expect more examples about session and cookies from this site.
    Thanks a lot.

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