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1 PHP in the Command Line PHP is a very powerful scripting language, and you can use all that power in combination with the power of a command line. Robert Plank shows us how! 4 1085197723
2 .htaccess Wrappers with PHP Robert Plank discusses htaccess wrappers and what they can be used for. If you'd like to watermark your images or add headers to all your HTML documents, then this is the article for you! 4 1085203756
3 Overview: PHP Jason Cartwright gives us a brief explanation on PHP and what it can be used for. If you're new to PHP, then this should be the first article for you to read! 5 1085296162
4 How to 'JMS' PHP Amir Shevat shows us what exactly JMS is, and how to use it in PHP. 8 1096617665
5 Clickbank Security Using PHP Robert Plank shows us how to protect your ClickBank products, using PHP. No more worrying about managing databases or customer lists! 4 1085200153
6 Backing Up And Restoring Your MySQL Database Vinu Thomas shows us how to backup your MySQL database, and restore it safely. Perfect for creating backup copies, in case of server failures. 6 1085296336
7 Screen scraping your way into RSS Dennis Pallett shows us how to generate a RSS feed from a website, that does not have a feed themself. If you're in dire need of a RSS feed from a specific page or website, this is the tutorial for you! 1 1092890824
8 Blacklist that spam, with PHP! Spam is an ever-growing problem for websites, and drastic measures are necessary to combat it. Dennis Pallett shows us how to successfully combat spam, by creating a blacklist system. 1 1092971709
9 Track your visitors, using PHP Dennis Pallett shows us how to create a simple PHP log analyzer and how to measure your website's success! 1 1100422451
10 PHP On-The-Fly! Dennis Pallett shows us how to create real-time PHP applications, using the XML HTTP Request Library and a few custom JavaScript functions. 1 1101626312
11 PHP and Cookies; a good mix! Dennis Pallett shows us how to use cookies in PHP, and how to check whether cookies are enabled. Included is a sample script and several examples. 1 1102329379
12 Mastering Regular Expressions in PHP Want to know what regular expressions are? This article will show you exactly what they are, how they are used, and includes some examples to get started with regular expressions. 1 1112013167
13 Review: WordPress 1.5 WordPress is the most popular PHP blogging tool around, and it's got some great features. Dennis Pallett looks at WordPress, and what things that makes it so great. 1 1112036627
14 DB-Upload, a database utility DB-Upload is a new database utility for MySQL. This utility allows you to upload large .SQL files, that phpMyAdmin cannot handle. This will allow you to restore database backups that are several hundred MB big. 1 1118327618
15 An Extensive Examination of the PHP:DataGrid Component: Part 1 Dennis Pallett examines the PHP:DataGrid component, and has a look at what it exactly is and how to use it in your website. Part 1 of a new DataGrid series! 1 1123968251
16 PHPit hacked? Never! It is true, I shamefully have to admit we were hacked... but we're back, better than ever! Update: the hacker responds! 1 1126917098
17 PHP:Form Series, Part 1: Validators & Client-side Validation In this first part, of a new two-part series, Dennis Pallett has a look at the PHP:Form component. He first discusses the component, and its features. He then has a deeper look at the inbuilt validation of PHP:Form, called validators, and Client-Side validation. 1 1127036817
18 An Extensive Examination of the PHP:DataGrid Component: Part 2 In the second part of our PHP:DataGrid Examination Series, Dennis Pallett has a look at using Styles and Custom Columns. 1 1127570943
19 PHP & Security: 3 Example Exploits Security is one of the most important things of a PHP script, and must be your top priority. In this article, Dennis Pallett shows us 3 example exploits and how to prevent them from working in your PHP scripts! 1 1128166909
20 PHP:Form Series, Part 2: Formtypes & Setting Default Values In this second and final part of our PHP:Form series, you will learn what formtypes are and how to use them. In addition, Dennis Pallett also shows you a neat little feature of the PHP:Form component: setting default values. 1 1128850080
21 Create your own BBCode, using PHP This tutorial will show you how you can create your own BBCode using PHP and regular expressions. 1 1129489206