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List all files in a directory

With this codesnippet you can very easily list all the files in a directory, effectively creating a web-based filemanager (if you extend it with other functions).

if ($handle opendir('/path/to/files')) {
"Directory handle: $handle\n";

// List all the files
while (false !== ($file readdir($handle))) {


5 Responses to “List all files in a directory”

  1. dj Says:

    I’m a novice - i don’t kmow how to customize (I assume the red text) for my site.

  2. Karl Greenhalgh Says:

    An example if you want all of a specific file type in a directory.

    $GalleryDirectory = “albums/”;
    foreach (glob(”$GalleryDirectory/{*.gif,*.jpg,*.png,*.GIF,*.JPG,*.PNG}”, GLOB_BRACE) as $photo)


  3. Karl Greenhalgh Says:

    Sorry it edited my code out. in the foreach echo use img src=$photo

  4. Nino Says:

    Doing with foreach is better.

    And the while in this case is way to complicated, with booleans and everything.

  5. Kevin Loring Says:

    IS there any way to create an array of images from a specified directory (Says, /pics/)
    then preload each image from the newly created array? I would also need some sort of progress bar to illuminate progression after which a redirect would be required.

    Any suggestions?

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