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PHP/MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.57

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Save your money, mine is going back!
Comment: As always, another book for beginners that makes no sense. If you are like me trying to learn PHP/MySQL it looks like the NET is the way to go. Find tons of tutorials and read them. I only read the first 100+ pages and was not happy. It appears that they DONT KNOW what a beginner is! I'm still looking for a book to get my feet wet, so far I've read the "in easy steps" books from BN, and they were simple to grasp. But not enough.

This has been one of my biggest complaints with books for beginners... Are they really for some one who knows nothing about the subject? Or is it marketing? You make the call. I have complained forever about this! It appears they start out good then lose it, and you are now stuck.

PS This is my first review and I wanted to write it so you can see it really does not help the newbie. Good Luck in your PHP/MySQL learning.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Wonderful for Beginners !
Comment: One of the Best books I have ever read ,not only in Computers but in general.The author has brought out the exciting world of PHP/MySQL to a dumbo like me..!!

To put in a nutshell when I finished reading the book I felt that someone who has guided me over is gone !

Needless to say that I strongly recommend this book for beginners..! :)

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Good but not great- it has unusable code
Comment: This book has been good for several things- teaching basic code, reusing snippets of scripts- but in Chaper 6- Working with Files, I haven't been able to get the code to work. Loading it from the companion CD, it didn't work off the bat. I went online for support and there is NO errata souce for the book which is really frustrating! I finally figured out the first problem in the code, but now I am stuck again. I like to use the book as a reference to work on a problem at hand, so this book isn't one for that. Also, the code that it suppllies should work without any tweaking needed (or tell you what tweaking needs to be done) and this book isn't one for that either. Therefore, I suggest borrowing the book from a friend or the library before purchasing, or buy it used. It is helpful at points, but en errata source would have made this perfect for me. For an example of a great book/resource on PHP and MySQL, see Larry Ullman's PHP & MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites.