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Professional PHP4 Programming

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Average Customer Rating: 4.36

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Extremely helpful PHP book
Comment: I have been an ASP programmer for nearly 3.5 years now.It's almost 6 months now that i have dropped working on legacy operating syatems and had been on the lookout for an Open source scripting solution.I tried my hand at Perl, but i lost myself in the jargon.I picked up this PHP book on reviews from a friend at the bay area PUG and by golly!!! i seem to have stepped through the first half of this book with ease... it has definitely spurred my interset in learning PHP as an option for my work and i hope to learn a lot more from the entire book

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Excellent Database functionality coverage
Comment: With the book market flooded with compendia on PHP and MySQL,
I have been looking avidly around for a PHP book with coverage on PostgreSQL and ODBC.
This book has come at the right time for me - It covers the functionality aspects of MySQL,
PostgreSQL and ODBC - MS access and SQL server, through a common application that
runs through each of these chapters. I must admit however that the application was not high-end, but
it served very well the purpose of demonstrating the functionality of each database with PHP. I further
appreciated the use of GTK to develop a standalone app for the same database application. I am looking
forward to buying more of these common-theme-thread books - It has really helped me to good effect.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Excellent
Comment: I just bought this book in my local BORDERS, and I gotta say this is by far the best PHP book out there. Took me 2 hours to decide which booh to buy, and in the end, this was the best.
Extensive professional explanations and it's well worth the money.