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Professional PHP Programming

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.88

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: IS the BOOK
Comment: I'have the book. A lot of more books from Wrox are in my hands. This is a very good on PHP. Examples, bits of code explained step by step, huge amount of info, lack of some other (in programming NONE was perfect and complete). Good point to start serious programming with DB (MySQL or other ones). 4 stars only because God is not a programming writer, not Schumann and the others in this are, and I cannot put a 4 and half stars....

If you dont know HTML, learn first. Then, read this book. I repeat, READ IT! Like a novel, not as reference one. Every page contains valuable information, only have your eyes wide open to catch it! Put it beside your bed or your WC!

Results: a large Internet project, an ecommerce site, a tutorials online site, a.... well, you know what I mean. With this book, I'm mastering PHP with no fears!


Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Muddled but moderately useful
Comment: Whilst the authors spend much of the preface thanking their editors, it seems that the editors could have done more. There is much in this book that is poorly written, examples and coding style are inconsistent throughout, and it is completely apparent that different sections have been written by different authors.

This is not a book for novice programmers. Although it starts out slowly it quickly ramps up. If you do not have a good grounding in at least one other programming language you will get lost quickly.

Neither is this a book particularly suited to professionals, as the title might suggest. The topics and examples seem to be geared towards small and mid-sized web sites. The featured shopping cart program for example is fairly naive - it supports only offline credit card purchases.

Much of the book is structured around explaining PHP feature-by-feature. This makes it read like a reference book, but the explanations are liberally illustrated with examples which make it less easy to look things up here than in the official PHP documentation. There is little discussion of high-level concepts, structured programming techniques and architectural considerations, which is a pity - how to design a PHP program for use on the web would be a much more useful topic than the mechanics of using the language itself.

That said, this book is not without value - it is certainly worthwhile to get different perspectives on things. This book provides an alternative source of information to the official PHP documentation, and one that is fleshed out with commentary and examples. I did learn things from this book and have referred to it whilst writing programs. Overall, a reasonably useful book but perhaps not worth the rather high price.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Great PHP book...
Comment: I was looking for a PHP book that wasn't just a reprint of the manual (like most of them are). This book is great for newbies and expirienced programmers alike. This is the book that'll be on your desk 24 a day -- since you'll keep refering back to it.

Should be on every serious PHP developer's book shelf. The only thing I didn't like about the book was that the chapter on PHP and XML didn't provide as much details as I was hoping for. But since I got it really cheap using a coupon from, I can't really complain.