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The Linux Cookbook, Second Edition

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.53

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: A complete hands-on guide and reference
Comment: The Linux Cookbook: Tips And Techniques For Everyday Use is a complete hands-on guide and reference for using Linux for everyday activities ranging from working with text, images, and sound to productivity and networking. The step-by-step format makes it very easy for the novice to find what they need -- and fast! The more than 1500 {"recipes" show readers how to accomplish everyday tasks using all the free, Open Source software that comes with Linux. Readers will learn how to connect to the Internet, create posters, schedule automated reminders, archive entire Web sites, send and receive faxes, use spelling and grammar checkers, scan images, and more. If you are new to Linux and seeking to accelerate your learning curve, then get yourself a copy of Michael Stutz's The Linux Cookbook!

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Great Guide To Open Source!
Comment: I use this book all the time at work where we are
using Linux more and more. This was first just for
Systems but now I am using Linux for my own productivity,
writing reports and printing. I love the power of the
commands and it's all in this book! I do take exception
to the reader below who wanted to change case of file
names "manually" - this person should reread the book's
intro as all Open Source software is out on the Internet
made by different people, this is what makes it so powerful.
But that is the joy of this book. It's format and coverage
makes it fill a gap that has been sorely needed in the
Open Source / Free Software community.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: A lil geeky maybe...
Comment: I had been using Linux for around two years when I came across this book. I was surprised there was so much more to know about Linux. After casually glancing through its pages I realised this was a treasure chest.

If you are the shell user type, you will definitely enjoy this book. If you are GUI user, you will start appreciating the shell.There are easier ways to do what you have been doing and this book will show you how to do those things.