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The Definitive Guide to MySQL, Second Edition

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 5

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: A Must for MySQL Developers and Administrators Alike
Comment: The Definitive Guide to MySQL is a thorough, yet easy to understand resource for enhancing your database skills and knowledge. This book isn't just another version of the MySQL documentation. It teaches the reader a great deal about relational database design and all of the options to consider beforehand, such as choosing a table type, when and where to use indexes, etc. The book also provides a solid understanding of administering a MySQL installation, exploring such topics as performance tuning, backups, replication, and upgrades.

For those on the programming side, you will find information on creating applications using a wide variety of languages, including PHP, Perl, Java, C++, and Visual Basic, although PHP is the most extensively covered.

Overall, I'd say Michael Kofler did an excellent job on this book. All of the examples and explanations are clear and concise. If you are simply looking for a quick MySQL function reference, stick with the documentation. However, if you want to really learn how to get the most out of MySQL, this book is a must.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Great Resource - one of the best
Comment: Fully updated to include information on MySQL 4.0 and 4.1 "The Definitive Guide to MySQL, Second Edition" is one of the most through and yet easily understandable texts on MySQL available. The author assumes no previous knowledge of SQL or even database theory and design so you really start at the beginning. In fact chapter five, database design, is one of the more lucid explanations of relational databases and design theory that I have read anywhere.

Another item that differentiates this book from others of the same genre is the inclusion of a chapter of SQL recipes. This chapter is basically a cookbook that takes the most common tasks you may need to accomplish with your MySQL database and provides a recipe to accomplish that task.

It includes coverage of InnoDB tables (very important in a multi-user environment) and many other items besides the usual installation, administration, and configuration items you would expect. Of course, if you are writing a MySQL application you will have to use some sort of programming language to write your program. In keeping with the OpenSource theme of the book it includes extensive coverage of PHP, Perl, Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, C#, and ODBC. The book does not pretend to teach any of these programming languages but provides the information to use them with MySQL if you know that particular language. As a regular user of PHP, Perl, Visual Basic, and ODBC connections I found the coverage to be excellent, including everything you need to know to connect to the database and do whatever you need.

The book ends with an excellent reference section, a section on MySQL Tools, and even a section an API reference. In short it is one of the most exhaustive books on the subject and provides everything for a new user as well as complete reference coverage for an experienced user, programmer, or administrator. "The Definitive Guide to MySQL, Second Edition" is highly recommended for anyone interested in learning, administering, or programming MySQL.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Saved my you-know-what
Comment: I committed to doing a MySQL project because it was less expensive overall for my client than using software I'm more familiar with (I'm not naming names but let's just call them SQL Server and .Net). I'm very experienced creating databases but brand new to MySQL and PHP. I don't know how I would have survived without Kofler's book. He not only explains everything step-by-step but in a very relevant, clear way. I had several other books in my arsenal and found I dropped all of them when I needed to look something up and just used Kofler all the way. Everything I needed to do, he had an example for in his demo files!

I know from experience how frustrating it can be not to have the right resources available. Although there are some great user's groups and so on, Kofler's book saved me a ton of time because I found pretty much everything in his book. Using his book and the free, on-line PDF MySQL manual is all you'll need to do a complex business application for the web.

Thanks Kofler. You're my hero!