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Moving from Windows to Linux (Networking Series)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 5

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Very Good
Comment: I found this particular book to be remarkably easy to follow, accurate, informative, and generally a great help. I am not a computer professional by trade, and my only experience has been with Windows. But like many people I have been quite frustrated with Windows and wished to try Linux. With this book I was able to install Linux and to use it to do all the things I had previously done with Windows.

Customer Rating: 5
Comment: This book covers all a novice will need to know. It takes you through the installation, shows you around the shell, KDE, Gnome, Open Office, Gimp, etc. The end of the book even has advanced topics like Shell Scripting and Samba.

You just cannot get a better book for a novice to learn Linux...

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: The Number 1 Book of its kind
Comment: I have been a Linux admin for about 5 years. People are always asking me how to move from Windows to Linux. There are only a few books on the market that do this, and this is simply hands down the best. Every detail you need is explained thoroughly. There are lots of pictures so you can make certain you are doing the right thing. Everything from installation, to running a web server is covered.

If you are wanting to learn Linux or move from Windows to Linux you simply can't get a better book. I was so happy with this book that I emailed the author to thank him for writting this!