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The JavaScript CD Cookbook, Third Edition

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Horrible Value, Horrible Code
Comment: I rarely take the time to review something that I don't like. I am a very busy professional, and I prefer using my time to recommend what I've found really great, not really bad. In this product, I can't help myself but warn future purchasers to stay away from this product.

I have found that the authors were very lazy when it came to their scripts. It is considered by many to be poor programming practice to leave of the trailing ';' at the end of each line in JavaScript. True, it isn't required by browser JavaScript interpreters, but is is poor form. This is just one example.

If you think paying for these scripts will get you out of those pesky and cluttering copyrights that programmers what left intact in their code found on the internet, it won't. You are required to leave the 15 line copyright notice in if you are using the script--even on simple 2-3 line scripts!

The scripts are anything but complete. For example, if you look up the form validation scripts, you'll get an example script that uses a single input form as the example. Not only is that not helpful, it's useless if you have multiple forms in a single page, or if you want to use the script AS IS for different input fields on a single form.

If you are a beginner to JavaScript, don't buy this CD. If you are a moderate level JavaScript programmer, you might find it useful on that very rare occassion, but you REALLY need to know enough JavaScript to mold the example to your needs--and be prepared to do all that work, while giving credit to the lazy authors of this CD.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: handy reference
Comment: If you're tired scanning the web for sample javascripts, this is a handy reference specially for beginners. It has good coverage on text handling/validation, math scripts, calculators, calendar and multimedia scripts enough to make your website interesting.