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Linux Programming White Papers: A Compilation of Technical Documents for Programmers

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Average Customer Rating: 3

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Portable Linux Documentation Project for bathroom reading.
Comment: This book is pretty much a snapshot of the Linux Documentation Project's documentation. There are some very good chapters in this book, but unfortunately some of them are woefully incomplete, and should not have been included. Understand that all the material in this book is freely available on the net. If you value your printer, and don't mind shelling out some money for a bound tree-ware version, this is a very good book.

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: 1000 and 1st superficial linux "kernel" book
Comment: Not that it's wholly bad, but I'm still waiting for a real decent, honestly done linux book--something that would at least justify its title. Of course, this book's title doesn't mean much, so I shouldn't complain . Anyway, it's not that much about programming anything, but more about how linux is designed--with diagrams but with little code. (I guess it's no good for us readers to live through another half-a-year without having purchased yet another book with a depiction of i86 paging architecture ;-)

Writing ain't perfect either (I'm being charitable and ascribe the funny stuff to the writing failures, not incompetence.) A IRQ..." and more ponderous blah blah. Well, unfortunately, that's not *assigned* IRQs (on linux and anywhere else where interrupts are used.) This is not nitpicking on my part, this is an example of authors' mental mish-mash that I, as a student, remember suffering from in the past. The problem is that interrupts and IRQs are NOT the same or equivalent things. For someone who doesn't know that yet, this text will impede comprehension of the issues. This kind of thing. Well... whatever, I guess. Hopefully the reader isn't a complete newbie and won't be thrown off by a nice little bit of semantic backstabbing.

I must say, I hate the whole series, this book, and all the "Commentary..." books, where you got 400 pages worth of damn source printout (I'm not kidding, pure source code) with perhaps another 100 pages of questionable 'commentary'. It's clear to me that Coriolis, after having successfully got rid of writers like Abrash, decided to jump on the quick rip-off bandwagon, in that particular case, linux-related. Linux--that's where the money is today!

So, here's my the ones I mentioned from this black-cover series) as it perhaps does contain something of value--but there's not nearly enough there to justify an above $10-a pop price or 600-page volumes. The publishers have clearly mastered the art of fattening books up with blatant nonsense, like api references and, now, even multi-hundred-page source printouts.

Considering how much linux info is available completely free, I can't see any reason to spend money on this book.