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Linux IP Stacks Commentary: Guide to Gaining Insider's Knowledge on the IP Stacks of the Linux Code

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.25

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: hmmm...... where is my pointer?
Comment: I took a look at the Japanese version of this book. Like what the previous commentator has said, it's just published source codes. I would recommend interested readers to read up these 2 books instead:

Linux Device Drivers by O Reilly Linux Kernel Internals by Addison Wesley

Both are on kernel 2.0, but things remain relatively similar for kernel 2.4.3

still exploring....

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: waste of money
Comment: i needed some comments on the linux ip code, the title was right and there was a five stars review by a reader, had no time to wait and so i ordered it by e-commerce. Already accustomed to comments a la R.Stevens was very hopeful What a mistake ! more than 450 pages of linux kernel listings, not only, the listed kernel was 2.0 (at this time the firsts 2.4 are out) !!!! The commentary, all at the end of the listing not very insightful, will never buy another book in this series !

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: A good book for the linux hacker
Comment: This is a must buy for anyone who intends to get serious with the networking code of the Linux kernel. This is the right resource to know how the networking modules work in Linux.

The only room for improvement would be to write a bigger introduction to the internals. Apart from this the book is very helpful. The code changes too fast, so a better introduction to the overall structure is neccessary.