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Teach Yourself - CGI Programming in a Week

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Average Customer Rating: 3.18

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Not a waste of money...But not the only book you will need.
Comment: This was the second book I purchased in my quest to master Perl. The first being Perl and CGI For The World Wide Web, by Elizabeth Castro. I recommend that if you are a beginner start with something other than Teach Yourself - CGI Programming in a Week. Though not a total waste of money ( I have found it to be useful as a desktop reference. ) It will not be the last book you will ever need to purchase on your way to mastering Perl and the CGI protocol. On the bright side it does spend a fair amount of time discussing Server Side Includes, which come in handy when developing dynamic web applications. Finally, be prepared to purchase Programming Perl- by Larry Wall to truly master the language. GOOD LUCK

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: OK Introduction to CGI
Comment: Although there are a lot of books about CGI, few seem to be any good. In my opinion, this one fits neatly in the lower end of the spectrum. This book is basically is a simplistic introduction, provided that you already know Perl. Almost all of the examples are written in Perl.

1/3rd of the book's content are appendices (MIME types, response codes, environment variables, and a CGI Perl Quick Reference).

Still, it is a usable introduction to CGI with examples.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: I was new to CGI and found this book
Comment: I went out and bought this book becuase I saw it and glansed at it and I liked what I saw. This book will take you threw all the basics in CGI. By the end of the seven days, I was programming all these awsome things in perl. Right now, just from the knowledge I aquired from this book I was able to create my own internet advertising company using over 10,000 lines of pure Perl code.

I feel this book will get you on your feet and get you doing the majority of the things you want to get done. I was a bit skeptacle about the whole "Sams" books and how everybody says they are crap and they have very bad editing and stuff. Well I went through this book, and there are a few misprints, but the book is still a very good and you will not be disappointed if you get this one, although if you want to get truly serious in CGI you will need to get a reference book in Perl or whatever language, but this will get you on your way making amazing and great usefull CGI programs.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 stars was because I felt this book would have been better if they made it a "Sams teach yourself CGI Programming in 21 days" instead of a shorter 7 day course. That way they could have taken many subjects into more depth, but besides that, it covers a lot (even SQL). I have read reviews on other sams books and many people say that sams is very bad. Well some were true, but this book from Sams is a great book and a must have.