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Html 3.2 and Cgi Unleashed: Professional Reference Edition

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.65

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: An incredibly comprehensive source
Comment: Although the size of this book may give one pause, it definitely is worth it - this book covers *everything* one needs to know about Web publishing, from design and implementation to review to actually writing it. The CD-ROM has anything you could want. This book goes beyond HTML and CGI; it goes straight to the heart of the Web

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: A good reference
Comment: This is probably one of the best reference manuals on HTML on the market. If you have no experience with HTML or CGI, however, this book won't be much help. If you are a new user get Teach Yourself HTML 3.2 in a week by Laura Lemay. For the CGI, start with Teach Yourself Perl in 21 days by David Till. These will get you going.

As a reference, this book covers every aspect of HTML that I have ever come across. Whenever I need to look up a tag, the book gives good examples of usage and purpose. One of the problems that I found with the CGI section of the book is that there are errors in some the CGI examples. Most of these are updated on the book's web page, but it was still frustrating.

Overall, if you know what you are doing and just need something to keep as a reference manual, this is the book for you. Otherwise, get something geared more towards beginners.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Ginsburg & December are AWESOME!
Comment: Very useful book for anyone interested in web development! I applaud Ginsburg and December for putting together this masterpiece. Not only is there abundant information on anything you'd want to know about html and cgi, there's a fabulous section on links. Pick this up while you can... can't wait for a revised edition! BRAVO!