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Web Programming with Perl 5

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Average Customer Rating: 4

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: All the essentials needed of WWW programming in Perl!
Comment: I bought this books at the same time I bought Perl 5 Interactive Course : Certified Edition. This book really taught me how to write CGI scripts in Perl for the web! At that time, I was only writing scripts for my own computer. Programming for the web is a totally different thing. You'll need to parse form inputs etc. This book taught me everything I needed to know about programming for the web. It contained lots of examples. The book itself was nicely divided into 16 chapters, all of which were simple, easy to understand, yet concise and clear. Some people say this book gives more information on Perl. I say it taught me everything about programming for the web. You truly won't regret it if you buy it!