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HTML, Java, CGI, VRML, SGML Web Publishing Unleashed

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.65

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Better than Teach Yourself HTML in 14 Days
Comment: Great book, Stanek topped Lemay--and I've been reading Lemay books since Teach Yourself HTML in a Week. As a matter of fact, I have 3 editions of Lemay's Teach Yourself book, including the latest professional reference edition BUT the book I use every day is Stanek's Web Publishing Unleashed

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: The BEST Web Publishing & Design Book!
Comment: I've no doubt that this is the best web publishing and design book ever written. Stanek covers every subject you can think of in wonderful detail. Definitely one of the all time great computer books. Don't just get one copy, get several and give them to your friends

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Still relevant!
Comment: I just purchased this book, I am also a web designer, although it is already outdated the theories presented by the author makes this book relevant to newer versions of HTML etc.This book is still a must for designers and a would be CLASSIC!