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Teach Yourself Cgi Programming With Perl in a Week

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.97

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Year's Best CGI Tutorial/Reference Technical Guide.
Comment: Recently, after examining a number of CGI/Perl type books, I purchased a wonderful instructional book titled,"Teach Yourself CGI Programming with Perl in a Week" by Eric Herrman. I had no prior experience with CGI or Perl, but had gained an interest in the subject after talking to several friends at my work place. After reading this book, I have written several CGI scripts that are currently being used in my department. This book is organized into seven lessons that correspond to the seven days of the week. I found day one (the introduction) to be a little technical and over my head, but the author explained that this information would be covered in detail in the Chapters to follow. Once I made it to day two I was on the road to becoming a CGI script programmer. The Author makes excellent use of visuals andworking programs to explain how Web Pages interact with CGI Scripts and then back to the Web. The author explained that he chose Perl as the language for writing the CGI scripts because it works well with UNIX environments, but the scripts could be written in a number of languages. Upon completion of this book I felt very comfortable with Perl as a primary programming language and would highly suggest this book to anyone that is interested in programming with the Web. My only suggestion to anyone that is considering to purchase this book is that unless they have a lot of spare time, be prepared to spend more than one week to complete this book. I read this book in my leisure after work and I estimate that it took me two weeks to complete the reading and feel confident in my knowledge.

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Not for beginners
Comment: I have extensive knowledge of HTML, forms, and some programming (mostly VB). I was completely lost from the get-go. There is nothing in the book about HOW to write a cgi-script (use an editor or use VI?). Nor did it say how to FTP. I believe that the book would have been a lot better if it stuck to PERL and how to program and implement programs instead of worrying about the history. More working scripts would have been nice.

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Poor CD information...
Comment: Book is GOOD but the included CD is difficult to navigate.

To tell you frankly upto now I cannot find where are the sample scripts mentioned in the book.