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Java Programming on Linux

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List Price: $49.99
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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.44

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Outdated and superficial
Comment: This book is outdated and provides very little real information on programming in Java. As other reviewers have stated, it is primarily a list of (outdated) Java programming resources. The author also makes the mistake of assuming throughout the book that the book will be read from cover to cover. As I tried, however much in vain, to use the book as a reference, as I thinks most readers do, I constantly ran into unexplained references to "phenomena" and had to go back through the book looking for the initial explanation of said phenomena. Of course, we should always expect that a book nearly three years old would be somewhat outdated, but it would be nice, for a change, to find a publisher driven by more than mere greed who would recognize the diminishing utility of a book like this and adjust the price accordingly. After reading quite a bit of the book, in retrospect I would not even pay half of the [price] when I bought this book, but at least a 50% price-reduction would have meant a little less of my hard-earned dinero wasted and thus available to buy a truly useful book on Java Programming on Linux, if one truly exists...This book should be pulled from the eShelves and replaced with something useful. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: This book is waist of money
Comment: This book dose not teach you any think, everything is a reference to some other sources.
I will agree with a comments about Java and Linux going hand to hand but this book will not
show you how to program java on linux. I have seen many other books in that price range
and by far they where much better.

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: java programming TOOLS in linux(redhat)
Comment: I don't know if the other reviewers have read the books carefully or not because the books have been over-rated. First of all, the book is filled with reference stuff for both linux and java which do not help people to understand either of them. The useful stuffs are to help people WHERE to get java softwares, HOW to install them and how to CONFIGURE them both as SYSTEM wide and USER limited usage and HOW to RUN THE SOFTWARES. In these aspects, the book did not do a very good job. The one website the book referred to is BLACKDOWN which is a good site but the java softwares there are not updated often( it still carries jdk1.2 beta ! ).

In conclusion, the book should be trimmed down in half and emphasizes more in those aforementioned stuffs and cut the price. To be fair, the book does contain some good stuffs but these are rare.