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Perl 5 Interactive Course: Certified Edition

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.88

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: A Strong Learning Tool for the Perl Language
Comment: As far as books that claim they will teach you Perl in any number of days / lessons, this book is by far the best. The lessons, exercises and on-line quizzes are structured very well to make sure you understand the material in the lesson. The lessons are short and sweet and cover only a few topics at a time, which makes it easy to master a lesson at a time.

The examples in the book are effective and can be used immediately to help you solve those simple real world problems. The book does fall short in helping you easily conquer more complex issues quickly. However, the online resources are great for helping you address these problems.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: A must have!
Comment: It is surprising this book hasn't gotten more publicity. I have dozens of books on Perl and this is definitely "top five."

Jon Orwant does an excellent job easing you through the language and showing you all of the features. This is a book for those that want to *learn* the language, not be able to cut and paste code for CGI.

The web site that is used for the interactive side of the book needs help but as far as content and readability this book is a must have for those wanting to learn Perl from the ground up. Mr. Orwant is also Publisher of the popular publication "The Perl Journal" and is one of the leaders in the entire Perl community.

Do yourself a favor and get this book, it takes a different approach than the simple definition and example books you see everywhere. It tells you "why" not just "how" to do things and this is critical when trying to learn.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Best Introductory Perl Book Ever Written - No Holds Barred
Comment: I've read and use most of the Perl books out on the market today, but none comes close to getting you going well with Perl as does Jon Orwant's book. I still use it as a reference today, but it is the best any money can buy for learning Perl. I'm back buying another copy because I loaned mine to a friend and I miss it so much that I want to make sure I'll always have a copy handy. My old copy is so well worn that a fresh copy is enticing also. As for extras in the book: the quizzes are great for testing your understanding, and someone has done a great job at proofreading this book -- I don't know whether that person is at the Waite Group or is Jon himself, but I know that anytime I have questioned an answer, or a script, or anything in the book I have always found the book to be accurate on closer inspection. It is very much like the Camel Book in being authoritative -- what Jon says is Perl Gospel Truth - if I had to pick two Perl books, I'd pick this one for learning and the Camel Book for ultimate reference. Jon's book should be rated a 5 and a half star - this is the best that it ever gets!