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Javascript Interactive Course

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Average Customer Rating: 2.55

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Good starter book
Comment: I bought this particular book because it featured a link to the website for interactive testing and I could read the entire text online. This eliminated the need to have the text on hand at work, which facilitated me completing the course during my lunchtimes and break times. This feature alone made it worth half its price to me. I did note some errors, but I don't find that too surprising with computer books these days in this price range. I was able to spot the coding errors once I ran the script and the debugging dialog boxes displayed. In some ways that challenged me to better examine what was going on and learn from it. It's an easy reading book, and gave a fair overview of where JavaScript fits in. As a reference book, however, it is difficult to zero in on exactly what you're looking for. Once I started programming JavaScript, I found I needed a language reference, indexed, with table of contents. The CD-ROM included with the text helps in that it contains the code for all the examples in the book, but nothing more. I did not take advantage of the CEU option, but I did download and print the completion certificate.

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Don't waste your money!
Comment: By the time I write this, the book is quite outdated (covers JavaScript 1.0, version 1.5 is the current); that is NOT the reason for my low rating. I decided to still write this, just in case there is a new version of this and people want to see the history of this author / publisher. Here are my thoughts:
- decent (not excellent) beginer book
- lousy reference book
- approximately half the book is useless, meaning off topic: one chapter is spent on Java, another is spent on Navigator Gold (I would have not appreciated this even when Navigator Gold was actually a useful tool)
- partial coverage of certain important subjects (operator precedence, bitwise operators)
- way too much fluf (he spends one chapter on the history, keep in mind this is the days of JavaScript 1.0!!!)

Look through this at the library, and then have a look at a real JS book...

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: I've seen better
Comment: This book does have some decent information, but it is impossible to find. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the structure of the book other than it starts with some useful information and continues on to less useful. There is little to no information about form validation, libraries or style. The few useful functions in this book are more easily found in a Real Reference book like the Javascript Bible