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Official Netscape JavaScript 1.2 Programmer's Reference

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Average Customer Rating: 4

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: The Reference Bible
Comment: This book covers the basic concept of Javascript functions, methods, and properties in the beginning chapters. It also explains constructor functions and event handlers really well but focus too much on basics. 2/3 of this book is a big detailed dictionary of all the functions, methods, and properties. Even though only 1/3 of the book explains concept, its content beats any thick, expensive, beginning Javascript book. I bought this book last year but started reading now and found those other books I bought were pretty much useless.

With this book, one can just study examples off the web. All the names of the functions, methods, and properties are individually explained. I highly recommend this book as a reference on top of any other Javascript books or keep it as a bible to do programming. Writing and studying Javascript can never be confusing with this book.

If the author would write an advanced book explaining how to use the functions, methods, and properties in useful examples. I will buy that book as well.