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Official Netscape Javascript 1.2 Book: The Nonprogrammer's Guide to Creating Interactive Web Pages

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.27

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Great Book and Guess What, You Can Get the Online Companion!
Comment: Not only has Peter Kent's fabulous source book, "Making Money in Technical Writing," catapulted me from a $43,000 salary as a full-time technical writing captive, to a $85,000(+) technical contract writer within only one year, he's also written a great book on writing Javascript and developing interactive Web pages. Following Kent's advice in the technical writing book, I landed a great contract that required me to develop Web pages. With absolutely no knowledge of Javascript, I anxiously solicited all the advice I could from other technical writers and, hands down, the recommendation was unanimous. Get Peter Kent's book! I've since completed at least a half dozen Web pages and have increased my marketability as a technical writer/Web designer by 50 percent. Of all the book reviews I've read, all the numerous thick volumes written on Javascript I've flipped through in bookstores, and all the information I culled from numerous technical writing listserves, I found Kent's book to be the most highly readable, clearly written and useful guide for a beginner intent on writing Javascript. And as for the online companion resource section to the book that other reviewers sadly lamented not being available any longer on the Web, do some research people! I found the online companion. Netscape Press has a support page specifically for this publication. A Great book! A Must buy

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: THE book for beginners
Comment: I bought three books about JavaScript to get me started and I have to say that this was by far the best. The other two books I bought were the Visual Quickstart Guide by Peachpit Press and O'Reilly's Definitive JavaScript Guide. I used the Quickstart Guide to get a basic understanding for the language but soon noticed that I didn't actually learn it, but was rather just copying the examples in the book. With the Definitive Guide the exact opposite was the case. It was simply to hard to understnad as a complete novice.

The official Netscape Guide is the ideal book for starters: It takes you through the learning process step by step, starting with the easy stuff and then becoming harder and more complex. It also shows you the annoying parts about JavaScript (bowser incompatibilities) and how to deal with them.

Overall an absolutely cool book to get you started!

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Toss the Rest -- This is the Best
Comment: Good to see this book is coming back onto the shelves. Had to scrounge around recently to find my copy. Recommended to me by a JS pro. Purchased two other books previously that will soon collect dust in the used book store.

The Kent brothers REALLY explain JavaScript and and provide a good introduction to the nuances (= annoyances) of object based syntax. If you think you have to buy four or five bad references to find a good one, this is the ONE good one on JS. (Better than anything in the O'Reilly catalog.)

This is THE book many developers turn to in lieu of sharp objects and alcohol when fumbling with JavaScript. Why? It's in English and is well organized. Plus, instead of clunky CDs, you can access/copy the book's scripts over the web as you read the book.