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Official Netscape Javascript Book: The Nonprogrammer's Guide to Interactive Web Pages

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Average Customer Rating: 4

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Smart buy for someone new to Javascript.
Comment: FINALLY. A book that provides just what the name implies, "for nonprogrammers" Although I am a professional developer, I found the Kents' book very informative, and in-depth. The examples could be applied to real world problems. I've look a few JAVA/Javascript books, and have been disappointed. Not intimidating at all, this book is a constant reference in my learning of Javascript. The only reason I wouldn't rate it greater than an eight is the omission of a CD-ROM. Although a very helpful website containing the book's examples was given, it is swiftly becoming today's standard for a CD to be included with a computer book. Nonetheless, the book is a great buy!