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LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell

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Average Customer Rating: 4.44

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: It's a great book BUT
Comment: This is an excellent book, very comprehensive. Organized by subject matter. The explanations are very clear and easy to understand. The writing style is easy to follow and direct without being too cutsey or annoying. I will say there are a number of shortcomings that will hopefully be fixed in edition 2. 1. Not enough practice problems (there is just 1 practice exam for each one exam) 2. Sometimes they screw up the topics. For instance, there is a whole mess of stuff on shell scripting in the "LPI101" section; yet the LPI website says that shell scripting is in part 2. 3. There are a few typos.

I will say that after having taken LPI 101, but not 102, and passed, that there are some holes in the book. For instance, (and this is not a real example) the book may tell you about "ls" and "ls -l" and "ls -a" but the test may ask about "ls -c" or "ls --sort=size" or something. So there are some holes in the book! You have to be careful. But OVERALL it's a good book, if you learn everything in the book you will pass. Just don't expect that it will give you the keys to the test.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Enhanced with summaries of the exam
Comment: LPI Linux Certification In A Nutshell by Jeffrey Dean (who holds the Linux Professional Institute Level 1 and Red Hat Certified Engineer certifications) draws upon his many years of experience and expertise to present an exhaustive, "user friendly" guide. In Part 1, Dean covers GNU and Unix commands; devices, Linux Filesystems, and the filesystem hierarchy standard; boot, initialization, shutdown, and run levels; documentation; and administrative tasks. In Part 2 Dean covers hardware and architecture; Linux installation and package management; the Linux kernel; text editing, processing, and printing; shells, scripting, programming, and compiling; the X Window System; networking fundamentals; network services; and security. Designed primarily to assist system administrators to prepare for their LPI certification exams, the tutorial-style approach is also invaluable for helping novice users to get up and running on their Linux systems. The informative text is enhanced with summaries of the exam, a Highlighter's Index, labs, suggested exercises, and practice exams. If you are preparing for your LIP Linux Certification exam, begin with a Jeffrey Dean's LPI Linux Certification In A Nutshell!

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Don't rely on this book alone!
Comment: This book has most everything you will need.


Base your study around the objectives listed at and not from the book!

I knew all the nutshell test 1 info inside and out. the only problem is there is info on test one that nutshell saves for test two.

I guess the best advice is to know both tests inside and out before taking either one.