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Learning Perl/Tk: Graphical User Interfaces with Perl (O'Reilly Nutshell)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.97

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Useful and reasonably complet, with a pleasant reading style
Comment: I have a copy of the March 1999 printing (not quite a second edition). The complaints that I read about in the first printing seem to have been corrected.

I produced my first practice Perl/Tk window in less than 1/2 hour from the time I opened "Learning Perl/Tk".

Like most software books, better examples of programming style would help to produce more standardized code. Also while features are discussed, the relative trades offs of differnt approaches are not really explored (e.g. when to use pack, grid or place; when to use a check box verses an option; when a window is busy enough and a new window should be created). In spite of having never done any Tcl, I was able to make my first test screen within 1/2 hour of opening the took.

Though I consider the Camel book (Programming Perl) and the Panther book (Advanced Perl Programming) necessary reference books, I probably actually spend more time wandering through "Learning Perl.Tk" and "Teach yourself PERL 5 in 21 days".

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Dont Bother: get the panther book instead to learn perl/tk
Comment: I started learning perl/tk from the panther book (O`Reilly's Advanced Perl Programming). While the panther gave me a fantastic start to perl/tk, I eagerly awaited the release of learning perl/tk. When I finally got it, what a disappointment!! It was way too basic and the shallow, repetative examples did not help at all. Okay, if I need to see what a grooved vs sunken label looks like, I go to the learning perl/tk book (but only cuz I already wasted my money buying it). But time and again, if I have a real perl/tk problem, I go back to the panther and extrapolate the answer from the clearly presented realworld perl/tk examples.

O'Reilly defended itself on the perl/tk newgroup saying they were aiming for middle-of-the-road as opposed to too advanced, in my opinion they definitely missed middle-of-the-road and wrote learning perl/tk for the user with no imagination and no desire to create useful, realworld GUI's

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Good tutorial
Comment: This is a solid tutorial that goes through the most important components in Tk and contains good illustrations. You won't become an expert (see that word "Learning" in the title?), and the writing is clear but not spectacular. Before getting this book I tried to read up on Tk on the web and spent many hours trying to get a simple text component to do my bidding. After having read this book, it took me an hour to get the entire app done. Don't repeat my mistake; get this book if you do Perl/Tk!