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Advanced Perl Programming

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.15

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Excellent Book
Comment: Advanced Perl Programming definitely changed the way I code perl. I would say that by reading it and executing the concepts contained within my productivity has gone up ten fold. I currently own 11 books dealing with perl and I still refer to this one most often. If you learned the ideas presented in Learning Perl and perused Programming Perl this book is a very valid next step. Some of the complaints about this book presented in other reviews are real however as I said before...this is the book I reach for most often. If you write perl this book should be in your reference collection. It deals with varied topics and Sriram does a fairly good job of linking them together. Although other books have dealt with one topic better (such as Mastering Regular Expressions), none I have read increased my productivity as much. For those new to perl, look elsewhere to pick up on the basics.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: A real treasure.
Comment: This book goes beyond being one of my favorite programming books into the realm of one of my favorite books on any subject. The title is perhaps unfortunate because it kept me away from this book for far too long. This is certainly not a book to try to learn perl from, nor is it likely to please the object oriented purist, but for someone who is actively using perl (or involved in any sort of programming), this book will show you some new ways to approach problems. It is not a exhaustive reference manual on perl, but rather it is a collection of essays on various advanced topics including OO programming (in the perl style), C/perl interfacing, and the use of various unique perl features.

Srinivasan has a very lucid and pleasant writing style, and this is a major part of the books appeal. I heartily recommend it.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Best way to learn references
Comment: This is one of the four critical books you need to learn Perl; Programming Perl, Learning Perl, Perl Cookbook and Advanced Perl Programming. This book provides a deep understanding of how references (pointers) can be used to increase performance. In addition the book gives you a deeper understanding about how to make better use of hash tables as data structures. The section on code generation using templates is great as well.