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Programming Perl 5.0 Cgi Web Pages for Microsoft Windows Nt (PC Magazine (New York, N.Y.).)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.88

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Only book for NT and Perl
Comment: This is the only book I've read that bridges the gap betwen the UNIX world of Perl and the Microsoft hell of NT. Not as indepth on CGI as I would have liked, but Perl explainations and examples are bang on.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Forget it for learning cgi on NT
Comment: There are two kind of books for learning PERL for cgi.

The first kind are those that are written by smug UNIX weenies (Teach Yourself CGI Programming with PERL in a Week)in who think every one in the world is (or should be) developing on a UNIX server. At best, they admit that NT servers exist, but don't tell you how to program on them.

The second type are the ones who promise to teach you cgi for NT servers using PERL, but end up being a primer on PERL with a single chapter overiew of cgi. That is what this book is. The first 185 pages are so are an overview of PERL. Then there are a couple of CGI chapters. On page 30 it states . . ."There is much more to the CGI than is covered in this book. For more information, on the CGI, there is the e-mail mailing list . . . "

Unfortunately, all the books on PERL seem to be written by UNIX weenies and I have none to recommend.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Brilliant - but not just for NT
Comment: I've never used perl on an NT but this is the book I learned from. Although it gets bad reviews here it is one of the easiest programming books I've ever read. One reviewer warns of mistakes but those mistakes are easy to see if you've ever programmed in any other language.