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Mastering JavaScript: Part 1 One-Day Course

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.75

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: IT'S WORTH IT!
Comment: "This is a very good book for the people who wish to make fancy personal web pages. This book grooms your Java Script concepts and also touches some nerves of of advanced scripting techniques. It is a good start for beginners and a very good refence book for the advanced users.In short, It's worth the price !" -B. Kataria, NY

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Short & to the Point!
Comment: I found this book very useful. I did not have the same difficulties as other reviewers.(I found no mistakes in the book,perhaps the earlier reviews alluded to problems that have since been corrected by the publisher)I loved the fact that there was no B.S, just what I needed to know.I was not an expert in Java but this book allowed me to get the training I needed without wasting my time. I would recommend it to users who do not have alot of time on their hands but need quick, competent training. I do not need the 'Java Bible' as another reviewer mentioned. I need to be able to do my job and quickly, this book helped me do that plain and simple- Samara Alman

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Buy another Book
Comment: This book is easy to read that is the only good thing about it.

If you are looking to use the examples in this book you will be sadly mistaken. The mirely don't work. In short a disappointment. If you buy this book don't be suprised if you want your money back. Part II is just as bad.

In you want a book that is easy to understand for all levels and scripting from the first day buy JavaScript Bible, It's excellent.