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Inside Javascript

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Average Customer Rating: 1.8

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Absolute waste of money!!!
Comment: I only bought this book because it was marked down 70% at the bookshop in Perth. Even then, I have found the book an absolute waste of money. The examples are poor, the CD contains small snippets of code already in the book (would have been easier typing it in)and it starts from very basic 3 GL programming concepts and jumps straight into Object Orientated Code without providing a reasonable grounding in Object Orientated Concepts. The examples are difficult to follow as there seems to be no logical flow from one section to another. I was mainly interested in server side Javascript (which I was told was well covered in the book) but lost all the fizz and excitement even before I got to those chapters!!

I am certainly not buying any books written by Bercik and Bond!!

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: This book, a total waste of money
Comment: I guess it's books such as this that made the phrase "Never judge a book by it's cover" famous. It focuses mostly on the Netscape Livewire, so you're limited to that feature if you want to use it to create something useful. As a reference I may look at it in future, not because it's any good! but because I spent money on it.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Waste your time and money buying this book
Comment: You won't find good exampels that illustrate the concepts, it is mainly for netscape users and too old to buy in 1999!!!