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Cgi for Commerce: A Complete Web-Based Selling Solution

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.94

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Great Free Code
Comment: This book is for anyone who knows some PERL and wants to save days or weeks coding a shopping cart/ordering system. It could most accurately be described as a detailed, line by line description of a complex (but NOT overly complicated) free software application which is provided on the book's cd-rom.

Just remember that you must know some basic PERL and have already set up a few simple websites on a UNIX server, otherwise you will be lost. If you want to learn PERL, this is as good a project as any, but remember that you will be thumbing through a PERL book at the same time. If you are an intermediate level PERL hacker, you should have the basic demo application up and running in a couple of hours, max.

The program is very good and extremely easy to customize to your exact needs. The book is marred by some typos, inconsistancies and embarrasing grammatical errors, but is an absolutely invaluable resource for anyone wanting an excellent, cheap and flexible PERL based CGI shopping cart on their website.

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Miracles - no, Solutions Yes
Comment: If you do not already understand the basics of PERL programming, web server operations, and CGI, this book might help you and it may just confuse you. If you do already understand these things pretty well, then the book is both enlightening and entertaining. I downloaded the unix software first, and had it running under apache on Windows 98 in about 5 minutes. I was so impressed with the quality and flexibility of the code, I decided to buy the book just to show my support, and pick up the helpful hints and insightful commentary that Gunther, et al have on the web, ecommerce, and programming in general. Well, well done!

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Need more setup information for Windows 95
Comment: I think that this book could be great if they can include how can you make the setup for the different plataforms (W95,Unix). Also the free versions of Perl can be on the CD. You don't have support for any question that you have, and I think you won't have it. I want to share information in how to setup this program with Windows 95 users.