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Cross-Platform Perl

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.15

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Great introduction to Windows NT perl for win32
Comment: While there are plenty of good UNIX Perl books this is the first book I have seen that addresses the differences between Perl for UNIX and Perl for Windows NT clearly and definitively. The author not only describes both Win32 and OLE Automation Windows NT applications but supplies several good examples for each. Furthermore he dissects each piece of example code and highlights each method and function within the example. The examples, fortunately, are not code "fragments" but examples you can run immediately. The CD-Rom saves typing. I would have given the book a 10 but I would have liked to have seen more examples. All in all a good text you can pick up and use right away

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: This book skims the top, without going to the depths I need.
Comment: This book, while good for the basics and overviews of general material, lacks in the specifics that I really needed to get going. The examples on disk are not very good. I try running a number of the scripts and I get run-time errors. It would have been nice to see scripts that would help me get started right off the bat. Recently, I was forced to go out and buy another book to cover material not covered in Cross Platform PERL.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Great intro, and still my reference
Comment: (This refers to the 1st edition, hopefully the 2nd edition is even better)
Maybe it's that I started learning Perl with this book, but I continue to use it as a reference even when O'Reilly "Programming Perl" BIBLE is right next to it on my shelf. I haven't been able to answer why, but I think it's for the following reasons:

O'Reilly is great if you know the name of the function you want. I find Cross-Platform Perl to be better when you know _what_ you want to do, but can't remember the functions that do it. Titles of chapters are (or were) user-friendly like "Working with Files" or "Launching Applications". O'Reilly has chapters like "References", "Data Structures", "Objects" and my favorite "Functions" (which has 200+ pages of, you guessed it, Perl Functions).

Get this book if you're new to Perl - you won't outgrow it.