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Teach Yourself Linux

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.78

Customer Rating: 5
Comment: This book is an excellent book, it was suggested on TechTV. it is true old but not outdated because the same Linux commands and the basics and advancced feathures in Linux have not changed. This focuess on Redhat not Mandrake people because Redhat is the most widely used distro of Linux! DUH! Why write a book on somethign that isn't as popular! Its an excellent book to get started. Download the newest Redhat version. dont use the cd. Its old. But the book is good so i give it 5 stars. i don't know why the others gave it bad ratings. THeyre just ignorant.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Not worth getting
Comment: ... but I wish I hadn't bought this book. It may be that this was a good choice when it came out, but it's not very valuable now. It includes Red Hat 6.1 (RH 8.0 is available now), which kept crashing when I tried to install it on my PC. A friend recommended that I try Mandrake. That installed with no problems. Using this book (which is a blow-by-blow Red Hat guide) with Mandrake is just awkward. (Once I got Mandrake up and running, I didn't have much incentive to download RH8.0 to see if this book works.) To be fair to the authors, it looks like they tried to write an interesting book. But as far as my goal - to move from linux virgin to linux newbie - this book didn't help me.
If you already bought this book or find it in a garage sale for cheap, I'd recommend you download RH 8.0 and try that from the start. Maybe you'll have better luck than me.

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: An Incomplete Book
Comment: The book did well in getting you started. It went through step by step the installation and setup of Linux. It taught you how to use the included applications and some basic terminal commands.

It left out one key subject area that is a mystery to most Linux beginners: how to install programs that didn't come built-in.