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The Linux Database (Mis Press Slackware Series)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: The Need for comprehensive SLACKware Software, on Disk|!
Comment: I found this book VERY informative in the actual installlation process of Linux --- , but, did find that the CD-ROM Disk that came along with it a bit OOD ...I mean, Kernel 2.0.0, with Version 3.5...At the time,...(that is, circa 1997), it must have been "cutting edge"! But, is 'Old Hat'...(and, not even 'Old RedHAt'....i.e., not even capable of psuedo-REDHatPkg.Manager).


Customer Rating: 3
Summary: This book is for professional developer.
Comment: I expected this book to have some content related to scripting languanges such as Perl but unfortunately it doesn't. It is mainly dealing with creating and connecting database using C++ or Java which is definately tool for professional developers. It would be nicer if it covered the database connection using Perl or some other scripting language which is a much easier way to do the CGI work. Also, it only covers mSQL.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: The BEST Database Book on Linux!
Comment: This book brings you 90% of what you need to develop a database solution on Linux.

The first two chapter will change the way you look at a databse, and the third will consolidate your knowledge on SQL. The other chapters deal with Web Integration and other topics.

Like a friend of mine ( +ORC, the Red Cracker ) always says, hystorical knowledge is a must! And this books puts you into the stage of database development. After reading this book, you'll know it ALL!