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Advanced Javascript

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Average Customer Rating: 4.4

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: This is THE book!
Comment: There are a lot of java script books out there, and everyone shows you how to do an image roll over or how to to change items in the status bar. This is the only book I have seen that shows you in depth the true inner workings of java script. If you have a basic knowledge of java script and you want to go further, this is the book you should get.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: All the cool JavaScript other books don't tell you!
Comment: This book is long, and the code samples are long too. However it has a lot of advanced JavaScript material, that other books just don't cover. I have played with JavaScript for a while now doing simple scripts to enhance websites. This book took me to a whole new level in JavaScript. This is not for people brand new to JavaScript, but if you are ready to move deeper int JavaScript, then this book will do it. I can give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up!

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: I recomend it
Comment: I found this book to be a truly great asset. Most JavaScript books just show you neat little tricks like roll overs and fades. This book takes you in deep into JavaScript showing you how and why things work. I did find a few errors in the examples but given the size of the book I would still say over 90% of the examples worked exactly as written, and the few errors I found in examples seemed to be more of typo's than fundamental flaws. I definately suggest you buy this book