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Linux and OpenVMS Interoperability, Tricks for Old Dogs, New Dogs and Hot Dogs with Open Systems

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Average Customer Rating: 4

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Leave VMS behind?
Comment: A little weird. VMS, excuse me, OpenVMS, is at best a stable niche, if not actually declining. The only people using it should be those with legacy applications running atop it. By contrast, linux is experiencing massive growth worldwide, for servers, and even on desktops.

But as a practical matter, there still are clusters of OpenVMS machines, which nowadays probably have linux machines in them. So interoperability would be nice. Somewhat like how Samba lets Microsoft and linux/Mac/unix machines see each other and access each others' data on a LAN. Here, the author explains how to get the linux and OpenVMS machines to cooperate.

With any luck, VMS readers of this book might learn enough about linux to eventually migrate their applications to it. That is, if they want to have a more promising career path.