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Advanced Webmaster's Guru Pack II

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Average Customer Rating: 2

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Poor-Poor book
Comment: I am so disapointed for spending my $$ for this book. The book, unfortunately, turned out to be good for nothing! I was deceived by the "ADVANCED WEBMASTER'S GURU PACK" thing, which is nothing but lie. It is NOT ADVANCED, and IT IS NOT GURU PACK. Also, the quality of the book (the paper itself) is so poor, that it is not worth the price at all. I need explanation by the author why he thinks this is for advanced webmasters. I am a web programmer, and the book is definily NOT FOR ME!!!

Even the codes they give are very poor(they are in perl). I believe you can right advanced CGI programs without by Lincoln Stein. Just write your own mini or someething of that sort, and use it. But the book (how hard it is for me to call it "the book") ignores the term "modules" all together.

They keep typing those nasty html tags.. and the algorithms they use are very poor too.

They don't teach you anything. The book just gives you codes, and tell you how to install it. Could you search for Matt's Archive or just my nick in any search engine, and try to locate even better codes FOR FREE.

I don't want you to spend your $$ for something, which definitely not worth it!

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Ease of use at the expense of control
Comment: Always in computers, there will be a dichotomy between control and ease of use, which in itsself is not the difference between good and bad, but rather it determines the target audience for the product.

In this case, much control has been sacrificed by skipping over many details about perl in order to treat it merely as an appendage to CGI. It doesn't say much in the way of database retrival or other advanced topics, which for me is a detractor; but its somthing I would just like to point out for potential buyers.

The included CD is nice, but it seems like the methods in the book want you to become dependent on copying code from off the CD, making it difficult to solve problems beyond the scope of the premade code.

My overall argument is that perl is much too vast a language to be sucessfully taken advandage of a beginner's level book that assumes only fundamental knowledge of the internet. (i.e. the search engine does not use any regexps, just the 'eq', 'lt', 'gt' operators) So, if you're just looking for something that will get you into lite internet programming in the next few days, this is a good deal. Otherwise, you should take a look at O'reilly's books on Perl/CGI for more in-depth knowlege.