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LPIC Prep Kit 101 General Linux I

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.17

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Not a Bad Book
Comment: This book (and a bit of home experience with Linux) has helped me pass the LPI 101 exam. While there are some errors and inconsistencies in it (especially on the cd-rom), I do refer to it now and then even after the test. I guess this proves that it wasn't totally useless.

For the 102 test I read the O'Reilly book by Jeffrey Dean (it covers both exams but was not available when I was taking the first one), and I must say that the explanations were clearer, the typos fewer, and the general feel more professional than in this book.

The pull out study guide is a good idea though.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Great resource with minor flaws
Comment: This book was a great help to me in preparing for the test. It comes with a flash note pullout which I used just before I walked in to the test. It helped to get my confidence up. If you are a beginner you can use the labs in the appendix to great effect. The self-test program that comes with is ok and need work. If you are used to Transenders or the Big Red Tests you will be disappointed. I did find several typos in the book and the self-test. This was confusing until I tested the commands out on my Linux box.

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Ever hear of reviewing books before you publish them?
Comment: Seems like the publishers were only interested in reviewing grammar and spelling and not ensuring the technical content was accurate. The book touts that fact that Ms. Martinez "teaches" Linux, but she obviously doesn't *use* it. The book is full of technical misconceptions (no, Linux does not work just like DOS) and inaccuracies (how about running a command to see how it works?). The book comes has a CD with an electronic test, but that has just as many mistakes as the book. It is easy to understand the material, but if you are not proficient in Linux, you should **always** test it to make sure it's correct. (Which it isn't quite often). Considering how many Linux certification books are out there, your money is best spent somewhere else.