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Domino 5 Web Programming with XML, Java, and JavaScript

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.18

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Useful
Comment: I have read this book and found it useful. As a beginner on Domino Web Development this book has realy helped me in developing adequate skills in XML, Javascript and Java.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Good book for reviewing What Notes/Domino can do
Comment: This is the book that let me keep reading all the times. As a As400 RPG programmer and Notes Developer, I like to know what Domino/Notes can do and looking for the way of directions and the key elements to bring back-end database to the Internet thru Domino. I like this book because it gives me the directions and shows me the ways to apply Java,JavaScript and Servlet to the Domino Server either from inside Domino Agents or outside Domino.Especially, the topics for Notes Java classes really shows me the way to java coding in Notes Agents. Though it is not complete to cover all these area, it is definitely a excelent book to keep.The writing is good and author always get to the point right away for each topic. Maybe it is a waste of money for people who knows all these topics already but it is certainly a key door to the people like me who has been wondering how to get to these area for years. After reading all of it, I definitely know where to go and how to do to be a cutting edge programmer.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: About as bad as they come
Comment: Don't waste your time or money with this book. I thought for sure with a title like this that it would skip all the what is Notes junk (like how to create views and forms, etc.) that all Notes books seem obligated to include. It is just a bunch of a filler in an otherwise useless book. I was looking forward to seeing some good JavaScript examples as it is used in common Notes situations. Well, no such luck. I struggled to find anything on something as basic and useful as the onChange event. This book is also not organized very well and is very confusing to learn follow. I am not sure the author has a good grasp of what he is writing. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!!