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Linux Programming by Example (By Example)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.89

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: nice introduction for beginners
Comment: This book does not go into much detail, but provides a well rounded introduction to many Linux programming concepts.
Consider this book a nice transition from basic C to Linux programming, before hitting the advanced material.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Where are you and your code?
Comment: I bought the book and started to read: Page 3 says: "To see the code for this book, go to ...and type ..." Apparently, the link is broken.

And I turned to Page 0 and found author's e-mail... Well, the message was bounced back after seconds.

What can I say more?

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: It's a good book
Comment: Overall, this book is a good book. It is a good start for the beginner. The examples are good and provide simple explanations of how to use Linux features.

There are some topics that could have benefitted from a more in depth discussion. If you are looking for a basic overview of Linux programming features, this book is a good start.