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Javascript by Example

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.25

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: A step-by-step Javascript beginner self study book
Comment: I bought this book when I was curious about Java language. I think Javascript could be a bridge to understand the Java itself. This book is useful for you only if you already know about HTML. If you do not familiar with HTML, I suggest that you read "HTML by example" by Todd Stauffer (QUE edition).

This book is a nice introduction to Javascript and is intended "solmnly" for beginner. You will not assumed to understand anything about Javascript before reading this book. The author wrote this book as a step-by-step beginner self study. Any beginner will not be lost and confused, in general.

Some example programs might not work as other reviewer stated, but some other examples work. Despite the not-working-example-programs (if any), this book is still very useful for beginner. I think this book should be at least one of Javascript every beginner reference.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Worth what I paid for it
Comment: I picked up a copy of this book to learn a bit about Javascript. I thought that the book was well written, geared a bit more towards intermediate users than beginners. What I found interesting, was that it had real world examples in it.

I also noted, that many of the reviewers seemed upset with some of the examples. When I loaded older versions of Netscape, it seemed to be more a problem with the netscape javascript interpeter then with the code itself. Also, one should take into account the date of printing. Some research shows that when first published, Netscape 3.0 was in beta.

I liked the book. And I honestly think the other reviewers were a bit too harsh.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Terrible
Comment: Need I say more