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Linux Network Servers (Craig Hunt Linux Library)

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Average Customer Rating: 4

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Easy to use = linux
Comment: An unabashed plug for linux on a server! While Microsoft overwhelmingly dominates the desktop market, on the server side, things are far more contentious. Hunt offers us here his vision of how to use a linux machine for many practical server duties.

He starts by explaining how to install linux. Then how to set up accounts for users and, very importantly, how to properly set up a mail server. Email was the first killer app of the internet, and configuring a mail server is probably one of your most important duties. A nice thing as shown by the book is that once you have a mail server running, there is relatively little maintenance. (With the notable exception of performing various antispam techniques.)

Other sysadmin duties are then explained. If you have already been a sysadmin for Unix machines, then there should be little difficulty here. The difference between linux and any given Unix version is no greater than between that version and another Unix version.