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Linux Complete

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Average Customer Rating: 4.67

Customer Rating: 5
Comment: Every Linux Operating System involves a lot of things. This beautifully reinforced text did all that is needed to be done in providing extensive and reliable information on the OS. It dissected every aspect of the software. Whether you are an ardent Linux pal or just an adventurer, this book will alleviate your tuition problems. From software installation down to security and networking options, there is hardly anything that you would not find in this well-detailed text. Its depth and accuracy is unique. For switchers in particular, this "Linux Complete" provides the easiest and the most comprehensive way of adapting to the new Linux environment.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Outstanding reference book for Linux!
Comment: When I first saw this book I was sceptical of how good it would be. The paper is not especially good quality and the price is cheap .... But don't let looks deceive you - 'Linux Complete' is excellent!

The sheer weight of material covered in this book is impressive on its own merit. But for such an inexpensive price it is amazing. For twenty bucks you get walk-throughs on installing Red Hat Linux, setting up Apache, setting up Samba, working with Gnome, handling multimedia, and all the basics you'll need to do a whole host of other tasks. Plus the topic index is very comprehensive.

Linux Complete is better than other computer reference books that are twice the price. It is easy to read, and is useful to beginners and intermediate users. It offers clear and accurate information and good step-by-step instructions. It doesn't cover the various problems that can occur when installing or running Linux software especially well, but considering the wide content covered that's understandable.

This book has saved me many hours of frustration and I have no reservations in recommending it to other users!

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Great Overview
Comment: I have read the previous version of this book, and from what I've read I really enjoyed it. The book touches over linux and can get even the greenest greenhorn started working with the operating system.